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A clerk treasurer is usually employed by a city or county and is responsible for both managing the finances of the city as well as serving as clerk to the city's legislative body. This is a daunting task involving many duties. To obtain such a position, applicants must have substantial experience with and knowledge of public finances and city policies and procedures. The position can be a rewarding career and offers a wide array of experiences.

Clerk treasurers' job duties vary depending on the particular city in which they are employed and the requirements set forth by the mayor or city council. However, their responsibilities generally fall into one of several categories. First, they are responsible for the accounting and financial affairs of the city. This includes managing and monitoring the city funds and investments, producing annual budgets, processing payroll, and maintaining accounts payable and receivable. They are also responsible for completing clerk duties such as attending city council meetings and recording them, composing reports and letters on behalf of the city council and city, and preparing materials for city council meetings, including conducting research and writing reports to help council members make informed decisions. They may also be responsible for other administrative duties, including processing permits and licenses, supervising office staff, and ensuring the city is in compliance with national and state regulations.


The clerk treasurer has a long list of responsibilities, and thus may frequently be under pressure to complete tasks by a certain deadline. They also must complete their duties with a high degree of accuracy and efficiency. A clerk treasurer will generally work normal office hours on weekdays, although certain meetings or deadlines may require that they work evenings and weekends. They must be able to keep track of many activities at once and stay organized.

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