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A city manager is an executive level administrator in municipal affairs. The city manager's job as a professional post is generally filled by appointment as opposed to election as a political post. The city council or the city council and the mayor appoint the city manager. City managers are sometimes referred to as chief executive officers or chief administrative officers for the city and their qualifications must meet such responsibilities.

City managers have a number of duties including charter-mandated responsibilities.
In many municipalities the city manager's main responsibility is to provide administrative and organizational leadership from a comprehensive perspective as opposed to taking a district-by-district approach. Typically, city managers play a major role in formulating the city budget, forming and implementing city policy and generating ideas for increased efficiency in city services. The hiring and firing of city department heads also falls under the direction of city managers. City managers meet with city council members and other elected and appointed officials for regularly scheduled or chartered mandated meetings and on an as-needed basis. Some city managers travel to other cities on exploratory missions to gather successful practices and policies to implement in their respective cities.

Jobs include city manager, assistant city manager, assistant to the city manager, and executive assistant to the city manager.     

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