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Clerical jobs provide assistance to employers and other employees within a business who seek administrative support. Most clerical jobs start off at an entry-level position and can eventually expand into better paying positions that require more responsibility.

People who work in the clerical field handle a lot of paperwork and incoming work requests, so their organizational skills must be above satisfactory. Clerical support staffs are generally able to multitask by completing several jobs at once such as faxing, copying, filing and performing general tasks around the office. Many executives rely on secretaries and administrative staff to type letters, set appointments and complete clerical duties that arise throughout the work day.


Secretaries make up the main portion of clerical jobs. Secretaries perform duties such as typing cost reports, compiling paperwork, sending out mass mailings, taking notes and dictations at meetings. Receptionists are also a part of the clerical staff and their job description may include answering telephones, relaying messages to staff and executives, setting up appointments and coordinating meetings for the staff. Data entry clerks strictly work on a computer and compile data into a spreadsheet with speed and accuracy. Accounts receivable or accounts payable support personnel are also consider clerical and handle many financial aspects of a business.


One should consider that for many entry-level clerical job positions a degree is not required, but to be able to pursue further careers in the clerical field later on, one must work on attending extra classes at a vocational center or completing college classes to obtain an associate's or bachelor's degree in office administration. Those who have a degree and have furthered their education in the secretarial field can likely double their salary as opposed to not having a degree or a certificate.

Clerical and support services jobs include office clerical, entry level clerical position, clerical assistant, clerical support supervisor, clerical technician, bilingual, receptionist, administrative assistant, outpatient clerical, billing and coding, medical admin assistant, clerical support, data entry, file clerk, clerical specialist, clerical coordinator, and clerical associate. 

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