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There are three main areas of work related to a library services jobs: user services, administrative services, and technical services. Librarians who might specialize in one these areas still will perform additional duties. Librarians specializing in user services, like reference or children’s librarians, assist visitors in locating the material they are looking for. As part of the job such a librarian must determine the patron’s needs and decide what information best fulfills those needs, and then provide assistance in the search for and acquisition of such material. They might also serve in an instructional way, demonstrating to patrons how to find and acquire information. For instance, librarians routinely assist patrons in navigating the internet as they look for quality information. Those working in technical services, like acquisitions and cataloguing, have the responsibility of acquiring and preparing materials that will be used and typically do not work directly with patrons. Librarians employed in administrative services administer to the management and planning of libraries. They are also involved in the negotiation of contracts for services, materials, and equipment, supervision library workers, set budgets, oversee all activities so that the institution is running sufficiently, and carry out public-relations and fundraising related responsibilities. Other librarians are employed by information centers or libraries run by a wide body of organizations like government agencies, museums, professional associations, corporations, law firms, advertising agencies medical centers, hospitals, religious organizations, and research laboratories. They are responsible for acquiring and arranging an organization’s information resources, which typically contain select subjects related to special interests of the firm. Many key information services, like the preparation of abstracts and indexes of current periodicals, organization of bibliographies, or analysis of background information and preparation of reports related to key issues are performed by these special librarians.

Typically, to work in a special library one must obtain an MLS. Also, the majority of librarians will enhance their knowledge by seeking education in their area of emphasis by obtaining a master’s, doctoral, or professional degree in the field. Some specialize in areas such as medicine, law, business, engineering, and the natural and social sciences. For instance, a librarian employed by a law firm might also be a licensed attorney, having obtained a degree in both library science and law. In other jobs familiarity with a foreign language is required. The requirements to become certified to work as public school librarians vary by state. School librarians, sometimes know as library media specialists, normally must be certified teachers and have taken classes in library science. For some situations, one will be required to obtain an MLS, maybe specializing in library media specialization, or receive a master’s in education with an emphasis on school library media or educational media. To work as public librarians in municipal, county, or regional libraries some states require employees to be certified.

The professions in Library Services are: library maintainer, library services assistant, library services aide, director of library services, library services head, library services assistant advisor, library services manager, library services consultant, library services supervisor, library services content management support specialist, library services representative,  library services support specialist, library services office assistant, library services coordinator, dean of library services, library assistant youth services, library assistant acquisitions services, library assistant adult services, library services technical assistant, head of library technical services, assistant director for educational services, access services librarian, head of technology services, regional library director, library technician, senior library grant program specialist, program manager, library administrator, executive director of research medical library, department chairman, library coordinator, part-time library technician, research library fellow, youth services library associate, digital library lead, academic library manager, library evening operations manager, branch manager, media technician, temporary library clerk.

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