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Management is a career often found in numerous departments , cities and government agencies. A person working in management is one who initiates and implements improvements in all areas with responsibility. A manager serves as main point of contact on all related matters for the office assigned. They respond/ act on upper-management direction. A manager identifies and provides standards for gathering information for use in trend analysis and reports information to company management. One who works in management must be organized and they have to take on responsibilities. Some responsibilities may include: conducting effective performance evaluations, mentoring those with less experience and helping the team execute career development plans.


The main role for a manager is to apply leadership skills in order to maintain development among a team and to manage the process of innovative change. Examples of areas in management are: Project Management, Technical Management, and Web & Software Development. Jobs in these areas may include titles such as: Project Manager, Project Director, Technical Manager, Senior Web Developer or Enterprise Architect.

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